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  Builders Bid Service of Utah  
  SMACNA Utah Bid Depository  

Here are a random few of the companies benefiting from Bidsite
  Company   State   Company   State  
  *SMACNA Utah Bid Depository*   UT   1-AD Construction LLC   UT  
  3D Sheet Metal Contractors   UT   AAA-acoustics   UT  
  AC Electric   UT   Acoustico, Inc.   UT  
  Advanced Heating & Air Conditioning Inc   UT   AJ Construction   UT  
  A-J Sheet Metal   UT   AK Masonry   UT  
  Akucolor, Inc.   UT   Alta Fire Protection Co.   UT  
  Alternative Mechanical   UT   Alternative Mechanical Fire Protection   UT  
  Ames Construction   UT   Aragorn Construction   UT  
  Archer Mechanical   UT   Arco Electric   UT  
  ASG Advanced Solutions Group   UT   AWD Sales & Service Inc   UT  
  B & B Drywall, Inc.   UT   B.C. Builders   UT  
  Bailey Builders   UT   Ball Fire Protection   UT  
  Band Fire Protection Sytems   UT   BAS Plumbing & Heating   UT  
  Bear Lake Masonry   UT   Beehive Fire Sprinklers   UT  
  Ben Lomond Mechanical   UT   Bercich Construction   UT  
  BHI   UT   Big B Masonry   UT  
  Bodell Construction   UT   Bonneville Builders   UT  
  Bowthorpe Builders LLC   UT   Briskey Mechanical   UT  
  Brown Plumbing & Heating Inc.   UT   Brubaker Construction, Inc.   UT  
  Bud Mahas Construction   UT   Bush Decor   UT  
  C5 Coatings   UT   Cambridge Roofing   UT  
  Canyon River Electric   UT   Carl Hunter Painting   UT  
  Carter Enterprises   UT   Central Utah Sheet Metal Inc   UT  
  CFM Heating & Air   UT   City Creek Construction   UT  
  Clark's Quality Roofing   UT   Classic Drywall Systems Inc   UT  
  clayco inc.   UT   Collings Development LLC   UT  
  Commercial Coatings Corp.   UT   Commercial Mechanical   UT  
  Comtrol, Inc.   UT   Continental Engr & Constn   UT  
  Contract West Roofing, Inc.   UT   Cracar Construction Co   UT  
  CSM Construction   UT   Curt Faux Corp   OR  
  Cutting Edge Builders   UT   Dale B. Stevens Construction   UT  
  Daniels Painting   UT   Darold Kellos Masonry   UT  
  Desert Sage Construction   UT   Discount Tile & Marble   UT  
  Dynamic Fire Protection   UT   Easton River Construction   UT  
  Electric Power & Control   AZ   Electro Tech Corp   UT  
  Elk Ridge Tile   UT   EMCO   UT  
  Empire Heating and Air   UT   Envision Mechanical   UT  
  Ercanbrack Construction co.   UT   Evans Electrical   ID  
  Finn-Wall Inc.   UT   Garff Construction   UT  
  General Ceilings Co   UT   General Masonry Inc   UT  
  General Piping Systems, Inc.   UT   Genesis Acoustics Inc.   UT  
  Gines Construction   UT   Globe Contracting LLC   UT  
  Globe Mechanical   UT   Grand Enterprises   UT  
  Green Construction   UT   Greenwood Construction   UT  
  Grow Painting, Inc.   UT   H & L General   UT  
  Halverson Mechanical   UT   Harward and Rees   UT  
  Haws Mechanical   UT   HBI Construction   CA  
  HHI Corp.   UT   Hunter Mechanical Insulation   UT  
  Interstate Rock Products   UT   Interwest Fire Protection Inc   UT  
  Ironwood Construction   UT   ISBS Electrical   ID  
  J & L Contracting   UT   J Wright Companies   UT  
  Janke Construction LLC   UT   Jaynes Corporation   NV  
  JEDCO   UT   Johnson Quality Air   UT  
  JP tile & masonry inc.   UT   JPL Construction Inc   UT  
  Judd Construction   UT   Kier Corp.   UT  
  Kitchell Contractors   UT   KJ Tile   UT  
  Knudsen Construction   UT   Koch Mechanical   UT  
  Kozco Mechanical Inc   UT   KRT drywall   UT  
  Kurt Mecham Construction   UT   L & L Mechanical   UT  
  Ledcor Construction   NV   Lowell Construction   UT  
  LPS Contracting   AZ   Mark Young Construction   CO  
  masonomics   UT   McQueen Masonry Inc   UT  
  Metro Builders   UT   MGM Construction   UT  
  Millcreek Tile & Stone   UT   Mountain Peak Builders Inc   UT  
  Mountain States Masonry Inc   UT   Nichols Building   UT  
  Nielsen Construction   UT   North American Contractors, LLC   UT  
  North Ridge Construction   UT   North Star HVAC   UT  
  Nu Acoustics   UT   Oakview Construction Inc   NE  
  Okland Construction   UT   Onyx Construction   UT  
  Ormond Builders Inc   ID   Paradise Fire Protection Inc   UT  
  Parsons RCI, Inc.   WA   Paul A. Snyder Masonry Inc.   UT  
  Perry Olsen Drywall, Inc.   UT   Pete Mickelsen & Sons Masonry   ID  
  Petersen Painting Inc.   UT   Phoenix Fire Protection   ID  
  PJF Construction   UT   precision tile   UT  
  Pulham Enterprises, Inc.   UT   R & R Insulation   UT  
  R B Construction   UT   Raass Brothers Construction   UT  
  Ralph Tye & Sons   UT   Raymond Keller Construction Inc   UT  
  RBI   UT   Redd Roofing   UT  
  Restore Heating & Cooling   UT   Right Touch Tile   UT  
  RK Mechanical   UT   Robinson Construction Co   OR  
  Rocmont Industrial Corporation   UT   Rueckert Construction   UT  
  Shane Simons Painting LLC   UT   Skyline Construction   UT  
  SNBT Sales & Construction   UT   Sorensen & Gnehm Construction   UT  
  Spacecon Specialty Contractors   UT   Squires Construction   UT  
  Stallings Sheet Metal Inc   UT   Stapp Construction   UT  
  Star Mechanical   UT   Stauffer Enterprises   UT  
  Steve Allen Construction   UT   Superior Air Handling   UT  
  T & J Construction, LLC   UT   Taylor Electric Inc   UT  
  TD Farrell Construction   GA   The Paint Shop Boys   UT  
  THE SAFETY TEAM LLC   UT   Thermal West Industrial   UT  
  Thorup Brothers Construction   UT   Tom Parker Construction   UT  
  Tremonton Heating & Mechanical   UT   United Fire Protection Inc   UT  
  US Contracting   UT   Utah Engineering   UT  
  Utah Mechanical Contractors   UT   Velocity Construction   UT  
  Wadsworth Brothers Construction   UT   Walbridge West   UT  
  Walker Masonry, Inc.   UT   Wasatch Mountain Mechanical   UT  
  WCI LLC   UT   West Valley Tile   UT  
  Westech Tile   UT   Western Commercial Constr   CA  
  Westland Construction   UT   White Mountain Construction   UT