Projects on BidSite

BidSite is designed to provide an easy-to-use interface for creating, editing, and viewing construction projects. By posting a project online, any contractor with an internet connection can browse through the available projects at any time they desire. This convenience decreases time spent trying to collect information on a particular project, adding addendums to a project, and bidding on a project.

Adding/Editing Projects
Bid Registrars can easily add or edit projects on BidSite. By completing a simple online form similar to the one on the right , Bid Registrars can quickly create and maintain online construction projects. Instead of faxing bidsheets back and forth from Contractors to Bid Registrars, bidsheets are also saved in BidSite's database for quick retrieval to anyone assigned to the project.

Editing projects is also accomplished by changing the project information that was supplied when the project was added. Similar to adding a project, a Bid Registrar can quickly change the project information by supplying the new information in a form like the one on the right.

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Viewing Projects
Everyone assigned to a particular project can view the project information any time during the day or night. By supplying this information, BidSite will help all contractors conveniently access vital information that they will need to accurately bid on a particular project.

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If you have any questions on specific features that were mentioned in this tour, please visit BidSite's help index here