Online Bidding

Bidding in an online forum is similar to bidding over the phone or fax machine, but is more reliable, convenient, and faster. SubContractors can view information on all of the project's sections, including the closing time, date, and the section's bidsheet. By bidding on the internet, the SubContractor can bid when it is convenient for him, when he's ready. All that is needed to place a bid for a project that a SubContractor has been assigned is to complete a simple bid form that corresponds to a particular section's bidsheet.

Editing Bids
BidSite understands that circumstances arise, usually at the last minute, that forces Contractors to change their bids. Contractors can near instantaneously change their bids up to the last second on BidSite, with convenient edit bid pages. SubContractor and Proxy bids can both be edited quickly and without any hassle to the Bid Registrars. Also, bids that have been sent to different General Contractors can all be changed at the same time, without having to fill out the same edit bid form again.
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Proxy Bids
Bid Registrars and General Contractors can also bid for those Contractors that do not have access to the internet by placing Proxy Bids. There is an easy-to-use form for Bid Registrars and General Contractors that is similar to the one on the right. Placing a bid for a particular Contractor can be done in seconds, with no paperback to slow down your office.

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