When a Project Ends

When a project closes on BidSite, the Bid Registrar will be able to review the bids that have been placed and notify the Contractors who have won the bid. The Bid Registrar also specifies the General Closing time, when all the bids will be able to be viewed by the people who have participated in the project. BidSite provides detailed and easily readable reports called recaps that will be able to be viewed online and even printed.

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General Contractor Report
When a project closes on BidSite, all General Contractors bidding on the project will be able to view all the bids placed only to them in a neat and organized report.
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Closed Projects
The Project will be stored on BidSite's database until the Bid Registrar decides to delete the project. This allows Contractors to use BidSite as their own "electronic filing cabinet" instead of keeping printed copies in the office. The Bid Registrar can thus access this information from any computer that is connected to the Internet, instead of having to be in the office.

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