Deleting Outside Bids

     In order to change the Outside Bids that you have entered, you must first remove the Outside Bid from BidSite's records. This is easily accomplished on the Remove Outside Bid page that is located under the Bids tab on the main General Contractor page.

To remove a Outside Bid, first search for the bid in the same manner that you view the Outside Bid. To read the help article that explains viewing Outside Bids, please refer to the help index to the left.

Once you find the Outside Bid that you delete, click the check box next to the bid and hit the "Delete" button and accept the confirmation window from BidSite. The Outside Bid will be removed from BidSite's records and you will be able to create a new Outside Bid for the SubContractor. You may delete as many Outside bids that you would like by simply checking the boxes next to an Outside Bid and then hitting the delete button.