Viewing Proxy Bids

     Once proxy bids have been created by the Bid Registrar, they may be viewed on the View Proxy Bids page located under the Bids tab on the main Bid Registar page. On this page you will be able to view your current Proxy Bids quickly and easily.

In order to make the proxy bids more accessible to the Bid Registrars, this page has selection tabs at the top of the page so that you can more readily search for a particular proxy bid. First, select which project that contains the proxy bid that you would like to view.

Once a project has been selected, all of the project's sections will be seen in a pull down menu to the right of the pull down project menu.

When the proxy bid is seen on the screen, click the "View" button to review the information on that bid. You may edit this information only by first deleting the original proxy bid and then creating a new proxy bid for that SubContractor.