Bidsheet Example

     Perhaps one of the best ways to explain bidsheets is to demonstrate an example bidsheet with it's corresponding bid components. The numbered circles below describe the areas of the bidsheet in which a bidbox should be created.

In this example, the Bid Registrar would need to select five bidboxes for the Sub Contractor to complete. The first Bidbox would be called Bidder.

Most bidsheets require the state license number of the Sub Contractor. You would name the second Bidbox State License Number.

If this bidsheet contains addendums to the section, you should create an additional bidbox, possibly named Addenda Viewed, where the Sub Contractors can indicate which addendums they have seen.

The Base Bid for the Masonry Section. Name the Bidbox Base Bid.

Here, an Opt Deduct is needed. Name the fourth Bidbox Opt Deduct.

Finally, the Sub Contractor can add whatever remarks that he feels necessary. Name the last Bidbox Remarks.

Note: BidSite strongly recommends that you select only adobe acrobat files as bidsheets. You can download a converter that will convert your Microsoft Word documents to acrobat reader pdf files here.