Bidsheet Info

     For every section of a project, there is a bidsheet that Sub Contractors must fill out when they place a bid. On BidSite, the Bid Registrars provide BidSite with these forms so that the Sub Contractors can view them and fill them out online. Bidsheets are selected when the project is first created, and every time a section is edited with addenda, a new bidsheet should be provided. Bidboxes are areas of information that a Sub Contractor would normally write on paper, but can now simply type in the information online. Here are a few recommendations on the use of bidsheets.

Create your bidsheets with Microsoft Word and convert the .doc files that Word generates into Adobe pdf files. BidSite provides, free of charge, a Word to Pdf converter here. Since pdf files are very common on the internet, many of your General and SubContractors will be able to view these pdf files with their internet explorer.

When deciding titles for your bidboxes, make them short but clearly understandable. This will ensure that the General and SubContractors place bids correctly and supply the necessary information. For more tips on creating bidboxes, please refer to the sample bidsheet in our help index to the left.

When addendas are made to the project, please create a new bidsheet and upload it on the edit project page. When editing the project, create new bidboxes that reflect the new areas to the bidsheet. Also, please inform the General and SubContractors that a change has been made to the project.