Adding a General Contractor

     Bid Registrars deal with many General Contractors in their profession. BidSite understands this and thus has created an easy and accessible way to interact with them. Each Bid Registrar will have an online contact list of all of their General Contractors. Adding and Editing the information is painlessly easy. Note: You must add General Contractors before you can create projects.

All of the General Contractors in BidSite's database can be accessed by clicking "Add" on the General section of the main Registrar page.

If the General Contractor is not listed, then you may add them to the database yourself by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.

All that it takes to add a General Contractor is to supply the appropriate information in the form.

Supplying the email address is important since an email will be sent by BidSite to the General Contractor informing him that he has been added to BidSite. If the "no email" box is checked, then an email will be sent to you with the General Contractor's password and logon. The General Contractor can change his information when he logs on to BidSite himself.