Changing your Profile

     When your Bid agency expands or relocates, it is easy to edit your profile. By updating this information, the General and Sub Contractors that you have been working with will easily be able to contact you when you move. On this page you will also be able to change your password.

Enter the corresponding information in all of the text boxes.

You may change your email address but you will be redirected to the change email page. It is very important that you change your email address to a valid email because each time you change your email you will be sent a new temporary password. Without this password you will not be able to log onto If you encounter problems with changing your email, please contact

You can also change your password by simply typing in a new one. Click update to finalize your changes.

To change your preferences, click on the "User Preferences" button in order to go to the change preferences page. Preferences include changing the General Contractor agreement and the way proxy bids are handled.