Viewing a Project Section

     BidSite understands that SubContractors need to review the extensive information concerning a project and it's sections in order to place an accurate bid. From the project info page you may link to all of the projects sections in order to review the information on that section, including it's bidsheet, description, and other important data.

At the top of the section information page you will find all of the general information concerning the particular section which you are viewing.

All of the bidsheet components will be displayed and you may view the bidsheet for the section at any time of the project's duration. Once you have viewed the bidsheet, the Bid Registrar will be notified that you are intending to bid on the section.

When you have calculated a bid that you would like to place for this section, click on the "Place Bid" button on the project section info page. Note: you must first view the bidsheet before you can place a bid.